Get a glimpse at global memories of war as well as Hopes for Peace, Liberty and Human Rights of young people from all over the world! First-hand memories of World War II are fading. Only very few eye-witnesses are still alive and able to tell their stories. What remains? What does our connection to World War II look like today? 

histoVOICES is an artistic approach to grasp our thoughts, fears and fragile memories of what happened 75 years ago. Different national and social backgrounds and their impact on narratives are not masked, but allowed to exist simultaneously. Let’s learn from each other!

Listen to Karolina's story from Poland! #histoVOICES

Listen to Kim's story from Australia! #histoVOICES

Listen to Aisha's story from Afghanistan! #histoVOICES

Listen to Carmen's story from the USA! #histoVOICES

Listen to Hamza's story from Jordan! #histoVOICES

Listen to Caroline's story from Germany! #histoVOICES

Listen to Misato's story from Japan!

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Listen to Kim's story from Australia! #histoVOICES

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We will come back to those with the most interesting statements to be featured here on the website in the histoVOICES project – as a quote or even an animated film.


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Pavel Franzusov is a philosopher und filmmaker. In his art works he likes to combine documentary with video-art methods to create expressive and meaningful pictures.  The filmmaker lives in Berlin and realizes different filmprojects on social and political topics.

Foto Copyright Peter Jeschke / schatzfilm.de