Spotlight Berlin

May 1945 in your historical thinking – reflection 2

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  • Tim
    I think it is important to listen to each other, to be open to other opinions and to be prepared to look for compromises when conflicts arise. It doesn’t help if you think I’m the good guy and I’m right […]
  • Meggy
    The end of WW2 as recounted by a few witnesses within my region seemed to have breathed a sigh of relief. Cameroon being a former German colony at the time,a few men had been recruited or sold out as slaves […]
  • Nicolas
    Nicolas was born and grew up in France. His first job brought him to Berlin. He sent us his reflections via Email: “The first myth that came to mind directly is Joan of Arc. She is one of the first […]
  • Alex
    Alex from Germany works in Language and Intercultural Education. Under the hashtag #histovoices she shared how pupils in her classes discuss the question “how do Germans remember the end of WWII?”: Alex
  • Alena
    I am particularly interested in the topic of WWII because it is something that is related to many European families and my family is not an exception. During the WWII my grandmother was in a forced labor camp. Two years […]
  • Charlotte
    Charlotte from Germany is part of the organizing team of histoCONLINE. Here is what she shared on Instagram concerning these questions: Charlotte
  • Anna Valeska
    My image regarding the end of the Second World War is shaped by the stories of my aunts and my father, who was born in Wroclaw in September 1944. Starting from February 1945, my grandmother, her two daughters and the […]
  • Theresa
    Here’s a picture of my grandma shortly after the escape. My grandma’s stories about the Second World War were centred around escape and loneliness. My grandmother Margarete fled from Königsberg by sea in January 1945 at the age of 18. […]
  • Theresa
    In history class it was mainly about individual people and the perpetrator’s point of view. Society, however, was left out of these stories. Only when I came to a new school, my perspective changed. The name of the school was […]
  • Dilan
    Dilan from Sri Lanka went to school in Italy. He sent us a voice message.
  • John
    John is from Columbia. He answered our question via WhatsApp. John
  • Lassaad
    Lassaad is from Tunisia. He answered our question via WhatsApp: “We didn’t learn that much about it, except in history class. There were only reports about which major countries were involved, the subject of racism etc. was not mentioned at […]