Spotlight Berlin

May 1945 in your historical thinking – part 4

Eye-witness accounts are becoming rarer as time goes by. But it also can be eye-opening to talk with people you own age about what they associate with a special event in history, a shared commemoration date, a historical narrative – or the question, if and why they feel it has any connection to their daily contemporary lives. This can be especially eye-opening when the person you are talking to grew up in another part of the world or was socialized differently from you. Filmmaker Pavel Franzusov from Berlin picked up that thought for the histoVOICES project and interviewed young people from different parts of the world. You can find their statements at, more of them will be published over the course of the next week! You can also participate in the project by joining the #histovoices Challenge on Instagram!

HistoVOICES Misato Japan