To explore historical places in Berlin together and help the past become accessible for our present and our future – this was what we had planned for the histoCON. Since we will not be able to meet in Germany after all, histoSPOT will be taking you on a little virtual trip to Berlin – to people and places in the city that lived through the end of WWII or are evoking the memory of it.

Share your (hi)stories!

In the center of these stations is not history itself – but rather the accounts of it that YOU are familiar with, and the way in which YOU remember! With our offer, we would like to invite you to reflect on the end of the war period and the memory of it and to exchange your thoughs and opinions with others!

The spotlights we chose to reveal that countless perspectives on the past exist. Equally numerous are the (hi)stories that are created out of them. These tales and reports are what we will be engaging with: 

How do we tell the story of the end of the war today? 
What ways of dealing with the past, of remembering and of commemoration exist? 

Come with us on our next excursion!

Join us for our next histoSPOT on 16 July and learn more about the Potsdam Conference and how it shaped the world after WWII.

Click on the picture to explore the new histoSPOT “Enmities & Friendships” 

Spotlight Berlin: May 1945 in your historical thinking/ histoSPOT will be taking you on a virtual trip to Berlin – to people and places in the city that lived through the end of WW2 or are evoking the memory of it.
For more information please click on the picture.

For more information please click on the picture.

Nils Steffen, Germany

studied in Bremen and Vechta. Research and teaching in Bremen, Heidelberg and Hamburg. Currently part-time coordinator of the research field "Public History" at the University of Hamburg. In an honorary capacity various board activities, e.g. in the working group Public History of the Historians' Association.  Also occasionally conference organiser, tour guide, fundraiser and quality manager. As CEO of anders&wissen Nils is responsible for keeping the business running. But even though process optimisation and deadlines are a matter of honour – Nils likes it experimental and creative: In teaching and educational projects he brings historical sources to the theatre stage, into audio city tours or virtual worlds. Most recently, he has published a book on "History on YouTube" (DeGruyter). And his dissertation will put the documentary theatre further into the spotlight of history education.

Anna Valeska Strugalla, Germany

studied in Würzburg and Heidelberg. Research and teaching in Heidelberg and Tübingen.  Currently part-time research assistant at the “Institute of History Didactics & Public History" at the Eberhard-Karls-University of Tübingen. Anna Valeska’s ways have been always passing Museums: As a freelancer at the Jewish Museum Franken (Fürth) and the Museum of Tolerance (Los Angeles, USA). As project coordinator and provenance researcher for art-history projects. As a researcher, working on the future role of eye-witness’ descendants in Museum Education and, most recently, on the postcolonial museum landscape. At anders & wissen she combines all about History Education with the spirit of interdisciplinary teamwork.