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European Culture of Resistance and Liberation

Four groups of young people between the ages of 17 and 27 have set out together with renowned artists in Italy, Croatia, Austria and Germany to search for traces of resistance against fascism in their countries and, inspired by this, have created a wide range of artworks on resistance and liberation.

About the groups:

See how they worked together on their artworks despite the restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic and which artistic processes they went through while dealing with the topics resistance and liberation:

Group: Austria
Group: Germany

Group Austria: 

As part of the international project “ART WORKS! – European Culture of Resistance and Liberation” we went on the search for artworks, that were created as a sign of resistance. After researching the Resistance during WW2 individually, we realized that all of us focused on female historical figures. Thus, we chose to mainly focus on that aspect of the Resistance: the stories and accomplishments of those who are seldomly heard, whose stories are fractured and even harder to re-trace: the female resistance. During our research we found out about Hilde Meisel – a resistance fighter in the Second World War. We were fascinated by her story and decided to make her poem “Das ist’s” the centerpiece of our artistic work. Using analogue and 3D Animation, 2D visuals and accompanying soundscapes, we created a short film. The goal hereby was to display the unity, diversity and fortitude of those, who fought for liberty and justice. Today, 75 years after the liberation of the concentration camps and the end of the war we want to deliver the message Hilde Meisel once tried to make us understand: “That solely you it’s not.”

Group Germany:

In November we went for the first time to visit the Memorial and Museum Sachsenhausen and started our research on the ART WORKS topic: European Culture of Resistance and Liberation. The outbreak of Covid 19 changed our plans. Starting from our own places of residence in Berlin, we researched nearby subcamps of the concentration camp and places of forced labor. On the website of the Documentation Center NS Forced Labor and the German Resistance Memorial Center we found information about locations, resistance fighters, their activities and their fate. We live all over the city, in the center as well as on the outskirts: Lichterfelde, Wedding close to Köslinerstraße and Kolonienstraße, Moabit, Charlottenburg, Kreuzberg, Hoppegarten and Lichtenberg. From our home, a short walk away, in the same street block or immediate vicinity, we photographed the former places: forced work training camps, concentration camp subcamps, places of resistance activities, secret meeting and hiding places, etc. The photographs have been taken as notations and photographic sequences and edited into photofilms. Three text levels are added, which differ visually: 1. Key words of resistance, 2. The History of the location, 3. Our personal situation: who we are, where we are right now, where we come from and what the lock-down does to us. Some of us included their personal experience of emigration, war and exil.

Group: Croatia

Museion Group: Italia

About their art work:

On 9 May 2020 they presented their work in a livestram. If you missed that, check out this video to learn more about the uniquie and impressive pieces of art the created during the past few weeks and months.

Italy: About resistance (in remote-mode)

Video work by Abram Tomasi, Gessica de Oliva, Samira Mosca, Lucia Rose Buffa, Tomas Grosello, Camilla Saiz, Giada Cardillo, Nicole Fersko, Museion Bolzano, mentored by Alessandra Ferrini.

Croatia: Women in the Partisans and Resistance Today

Visualisation of the installation work, Marina Mesar (OKO) in collaboration with Lara Bekić, Helena Bosnić, Celina Damjanović, Mirta Mesić, Mateja Radoš, Ana Uremović, and the support of Lorena Arnautović, Tea Pintar, Stella Poljak.

Austria: Solely You It’s Not

Video work by Zoé Gendron, Franziska Hinteregger, Sara Hörtenhuber, Minou Nekolny, Janine Scheer, Kerstin Schwarz, Catherine Spet, FH St. Pölten in cooperation with Center of Contemporary History Melk, mentored by Anderwald + Grond.

Germany: In Front of my Door

Video work by Sajad Bayeqra, Salma Jaber, Nora Richter, Raha Shegeft, Ziyad Ahmed, Hamid Mohammadi, Marcellina Massenbach, Atau Hámos, Katja Pratschke, Foundation wannseeFORUM Berlin, mentored by Katja Pratschke.

ART WORKS! is a project by Verein HASENHERZ Austria and Foundation wannseeFORUM Berlin. Concept and all rights of contents lay with the organizers.