In order to supplement the established formats of histoCON with a participatory exchange opportunity, we welcome you to our new format histoGETHER: digital workshops will give you the possibility to learn more about past, present and future and to exchange ideas & methods with other interested people. 

2nd Edition

Dialogue as a tool of peace building in times of polarization

December 3rd, 2020: 2 pm (CET)

History taught us that violence can be a consequence of polarization. Yet, history has also taught us that dialogue proves itself as a powerful tool to open the doors of understanding whoever we call the other, dismantle the violence, and offer unlimited possibilities of how to move forward. During this workshop, we will get a chance to understand dialogue as a concept as well as get a practical experience with its tools and methods. We will also get to talk about success stories of when dialogue promoted peaceful coexistence as an alternative solution to polarization. Finally, we will be reflecting on the way forward and how can we integrate these methods and tools within our daily work.


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      This workshop will be conducted by Ambassadors for Dialogue: Rana Gaber & Mohamed Shaltoot from Egpyt

      Ambassadors for Dialogue

      Their vision is to promote peaceful coexistence by means of dialogue. They work on enhancing mutual understanding between youth across ethnic, religios, idealogical and other divides by engaging in the dialoge with each other.

      Rana Gaber, Egypt

      has 12 years work experience in the field of youth development and is a the co-founder of Majal – a social enterprise acting as a network of youth initiatives working on the field of non-violent communication, conflict resolution, dialogue and citizenship.

      Mohamed Shaltoot, Egypt

      started working as a facilitator in dialogue back in 2016 and since then I have joined different entities that work on different topics such as conflict resolution, Non-violent communication, and entrepreneurship.