Call for histoVOICES

We want your story!

histoCON 2021 goes virtual! And hopefully, we’ll be meeting again in person and on site in Berlin in 2022!

We are planning to run three interactive events on YouTube on 21 and 22 October 2021, looking at new beginnings from a historical and global perspective. Make a note of these days in advance. Around the live formats, there will be watch parties at various locations around the world. We also want to publish exciting content on our social media channels – we are looking for you and your stories!

We want to create social media clips and inserts for our live broadcasts together with you and therefore need your help for our “Call for histoVOICES”! 

Send us your story for the histoCON 2021 and the new season of histoVOICES! Professional filmmaker Pavel Franzusov will work with you to produce a short video to make sure your voice is heard and seen. You’ll receive an expense allowance for your work. We want to feature more of your interesting stories in our livestream in late October 2021.

What stories from history do you remember? Do you have a personal connection to an important event? Do you know of a place that reminds you of a story that fits our three focal areas? What historical events after 1945 do you think we should all know much more about?

Simply fill in the form below!

Stay healthy and do get in touch in case of further questions!

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    histoCON 2021 will focus on the world after 1945 and discuss three contrasting pairs of opposites:

    Independence / Dependence

    Many independence movements emerged after 1945. Nevertheless, many old dependencies persisted and new ones developed. The Cold War became an issue, but many states also became independent. What turning points, people, places and stories do you think of when you think back to Independence and Dependence in history? And what do you associate with these terms today? You don’t have to give us dates, it can also be a place that stands for a memory for you, for example.

    Conflict / Cooperation

    Many want to make the world a better place. What conflicts post-1945 do you remember? Do you know any success stories of how conflicts were prevented by cooperation? In your opinion, how should conflicts be resolved nowadays? Are you maybe even playing an active part in this?

    Transformation / Continuity

    No beginning without an end, no end without a beginning. What new beginnings after 1945 do you remember? How are they remembered in your country? Are there any continuities that have persisted? What should we keep and what should be changed? We are curious to hear your ideas!